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The professional staff's combined experience at Hatton Godat Pantier is extraordinary: some have been with the firm for over 30 years. Our professionals know the land and its particular needs, not just terrain and soil, but its history.
We have particular social expertise in specialized land surveying, erosion control projects, cost-effective water systems design, sanitary sewer facilities, and stormwater runoff systems.
Over the years, we have provided professional services for more than 8,000 regional projects, serving a diverse base of both public and private clients. Typical projects include residential, commercial, and industrial developments and public developments such as schools and port districts.

At Hatton Godat Pantier, we provide professional surveying, engineering, landscape architecture, and project management. We take the time to explore options and advise you on optimizing your project's returns without creating conflicts with regulatory compliance, community concerns, or public agencies.
From dealing with density issues to managing sensitive environmental impacts, we are specialists in bringing maximum value to our clients on every project they undertake to negotiate the maze of permit approvals. We not only provide the professional services you need, but we include the guidance that ensures your project proceeds on time, on budget and targets your business strategy. At Hatton Godat Pantier, we perform like an engineer, but we think like a client.

For over 55 years, Hatton Godat Pantier has provided professional engineering and surveying services in the South Sound region. A second-generation merger created the present-day firm in 1998 between Howard Godat & Associates (engineers) and James A. Pantier (surveyors). After working together on numerous development projects over the years, they have become a comprehensive engineering, surveying, landscape architecture, and project management service.

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Jeff’s professional career began very early on when he would tag along with his father, an independent land surveyor, as he worked various projects and development sites in the 1970s. Those early experiences sparked an interest in surveying and land use issues. They pointed him toward a professional career that began in 1978 with boundary and construction surveying, topographic mapping, and site and subdivision planning. In his role, Jeff encompasses high-level creative project guidance with some of the most well-respected developers and high profile builders in the Puget Sound region.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Washington State University in 1982, Steve began his career with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In that role, he served as the lead engineer on numerous projects. Although Steve had wide-ranging expertise in structural design, construction, contract administration, and project management, he had a much bigger project in mind: building a full-service firm to help developers get more value from the land and their projects. That dream became a reality with the development of Hatton Godat Pantier, now widely recognized as the South Sound’s premier engineering, surveying, and landscape architecture group.

Chris  grew up in an environment that fostered his love for the unique natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. After spending much of his younger years helping establish his family’s South Sound area nursery, Chris found his way to Washington State University, where he completed a Landscape Architecture degree. As head of Landscape Architecture Services and Planning Division, he uses his sensitivity to the environment to provide clients with options that balance development and regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with strictures such as open space, storm drainage, and green belt preservation.