Indian Summer Golf and Country Club

Olympia, WA


Indian Summer Golf and Country Club

One of the Northwest’s premier country clubs, Indian Summer offers high-end amenities and spectacular views of Mount Rainier, coupled with the challenge of a Peter Thompson designed par 72 courses. After construction, Hatton Godat Pantier was brought in to provide site surveying to identify and ensure that the course improvements were located within the actual property boundaries. Additionally, it was necessary to complete an ALTA (American Land Title Association) survey to provide assurances to a lender that the layout of the course on the ground conformed with property designations.

Due to the deadlines of a pending financial transaction, there was a tight time frame for completion of all surveying work, and it was necessary to employ such technologies as photogrammetry (the use of aerial maps to pinpoint survey coordinates), as well as other specialized surveying techniques. Thanks to Hatton Godat Pantier’s extensive surveying experience, the work was completed successfully and within the imposed deadlines.

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