Port of Centralia

Lewis County, WA

Hatton Godat Pantier provided engineering services for a series of master planned and small project commercial and industrial developments on land owned by the Port of Centralia.

Park 3 Master Plan and Floodplain Development – A commercial park located within the City of Centralia. Hatton Godat Pantier provided project management, master planning, and survey and design services to obtain a Fill Permit and Floodplain Development Permit to fill areas within Park 3 to elevate future development areas above the flood plain. The project includes the construction of a complete stormwater management system for future development of the 40-acre complex.

North County Industrial Park – A heavy industry park, including new roads, storm drainage, bioretention swales, railroad crossings, power supply, and street lighting. Hatton Godat Pantier provided project management, design services, and surveying.

North Park Industrial Park – A 33-acre project, this site was the port’s first full-scale industrial development project. Hatton Godat Pantier provided master planning, engineering, design services, and all project management for the development’s infrastructure.

South Park Industrial Park – A 106-acre light industrial and commercial business park, including road construction, utilities, and service lines. Hatton Godat Pantier provided design, engineering, and project management services.

As publicly funded projects, the Port of Centralia’s development plans involved special contracting procedures and specific formats for proposals and paperwork. These special state and federal regulations require expertise on the part of engineers, designers, and project managers, an area which Hatton Godat Pantier brings a wealth of experience and skill.

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