Tumwater School District No. 33

Tumwater, WA

East Olympia Elementary School Water – Sanitary Survey Corrections

Hatton Godat Pantier provided technical assistance to Tumwater School District in addressing several corrective items found during a sanitary survey indicating cross-connection protection and secondary containment for the diesel generator.

Littlerock Elementary School

The Tumwater School District owns, operates, and maintains the Littlerock Elementary School Water System, a Group A, Non-Transient, Non-Community System. Hatton Godat Pantier designed the chlorination system design and parameters and modifications to existing pump house to accommodate the new equipment. Subsequently, Hatton Godat Pantier also provided technical assistance to Tumwater School District to develop a coliform monitoring program at Littlerock Elementary School and a Cross-Connection Program as well.

East Olympia Elementary School Chlorination

Hatton Godat Pantier provided hypochlorination design to Tumwater School District for this rural water system at East Olympia Elementary School. Hatton Godat Pantier also developed a coliform monitoring and Cross Connection Program.

Larger On-Site Sewage Systems

Tumwater School District operates two larger onsite sewage systems (LOSS) at Black Lake and East Olympia Elementary Schools. Hatton Godat Pantier worked with Tumwater School District to develop as-built plans of each system and prepare an Operation & Maintenance Manual for safe, efficient, and effective operation.

Peter G. Schmidt Elementary School – Redevelopment

Hatton Godat Pantier is responsible for providing consulting services for the civil improvements associated with this elementary school replacement project. Construction of a new 60,000 square foot elementary school which will replace the original elementary school built in the late 1950’s. Construction included a new two-story elementary school and associated site improvements estimated at 17.8 million. Hatton Godat Pantier was the civil sub-consultant responsible for coordination with the architectural team and other sub-consultants, providing consultant assistance with various land use processes, preparing civil construction drawings and cost estimates, preparing civil specifications, and providing construction support.

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